Pilates for Pregnancy

Case Study 4 – Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Why did you start doing Pilates?

We were looking for something that we could do as a couple and that would require some commitment from us. We chose Pilates as we have heard really positive things, even though we’ve never done it before. Having private sessions provided just that. 

Is it what you expected?

I think Pilates can certainly be more challenging than it appears to be, as I previously thought it was much like easy yoga exercises. I was surprised that it had such an impact in improving overall strength.

How has Pilates helped you?

I continued doing Pilates until quite late into my pregnancy and have managed to stick with a lot of the main workout, with a few adjustments. I definitely think it helped me prepare for the delivery and aid the recovery. I have avoided diastasis recti, and was able to start doing some simple breathing exercises straight away. I often hear that you won’t feel those muscles after the delivery, and the pelvic floor strength will return in time, but I can honestly say that I could feel the muscles work straight after, which I fully credit Pilates for.

Would you recommend Gill Harper Pilates?

I would absolutely recommend Gill to anyone – she is a great instructor and a lovely person, and we love our Pilates sessions!

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