Pilates for Triathlon

Case Study 1 – Triathlete

Why did you start doing Pilates?

I had signed up for a 70.3 (Half Iron Man) in Germany with friends and wanted to take a more rounded approach to my preparation. I have a history of lower back pain which had been manageable doing the training for the Olympic Triathlon distance but I was concerned the more frequent and intense training sessions required for the 70.3 might cause me problems. Pilates was recommended by a fellow triathlete and after meeting Gill in passing, her enthusiasm, particularly for tailoring the sessions to triathlon, persuaded me to give it a go.

Is it what you expected?

Yes and no. Yes, as in the benefits that I was told I should expect were clear to me after a few weeks. 

However I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as did, Gill made a great effort to keep the sessions fresh and progressive whilst accommodating my training and events schedule. She’s a great teacher with bags of patience but ensures that every session counts, it really complemented my training and was a very welcome break from the normal cardio and endurance work.


How has Pilates helped you?

I found my core, that sounds odd but I realised I hadn’t properly understood what my core was before. I have a much improved stability, strength and flexibility which means I can approach endurance sport training sessions with greater confidence and I have seen improvements in my running, cycling and swimming particularly in terms of balance and form.

Would you recommend Gill Harper Pilates?

Yes absolutely, Gill listened and translated my requirements into an accessible and progressive programme which proved beneficial very quickly.

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